Manufacture of a “gravity SILO” for a bulk food dispenser


Thanks to our Tôlerie Plastique process, we can design and manufacture tailor-made plastic solutions for our customers. Ideal for small and medium-sized production runs, this French plastics process does not require the use of moulds or special tooling. As a result, we are able to provide electronic device designers and manufacturers with a made-to-measure solution within a short timeframe. This was recently the case for one of our customers, who had already called on our expertise for previous projects, and who this time needed a food-grade ABS casing.

An expert in the design and industrialisation of PCBs (printed circuit boards), this company has been operating in Évreux, in the Eure region, since it was founded in 2003. Its electronic boards meet the requirements of players in a wide range of sectors, including the automotive and transport industries, aeronautics and drones, the oil industry, and the medical and paramedical sectors. Renowned for its expertise, the company regularly supports its customers in new projects. For example, for a test installation in a supermarket, it needed a bespoke ABS casing suitable for food use. Familiar with our plastic sheet metal process, the company placed its trust in us once again to design and manufacture a housing for a bulk food dispenser.

A made-to-measure food-grade plastic enclosure

To design a tailor-made solution for our customer based in Évreux, we took into account their technical, budgetary and aesthetic specifications. Working on a project for an automatic, connected bulk station, which would enable the exact quantity of food to be dosed, he needed a casing made from food-grade plastic. As the production run was small, the use of a mould was not cost-effective, and additive manufacturing or 3D printing was too expensive.

A standard solution was also unsuitable due to the specific characteristics of the casing, which was made of an opaque food-grade plastic with a transparent front, and was intended for an innovative bulk food dispenser. That’s why our customer opted for Plastic Sheet Metal, our fast, cost-effective process that met their technical, financial and time constraints.

We responded by presenting them with a ready-to-use prototype, which they approved. As a result, we were able to start small-scale production at our factory near Le Havre.

Features of the project submitted to our team

In designing this plastic casing, we were involved at the beginning of the life cycle and had to comply with a number of technical criteria:

The particularities of the project submitted to our team

In designing this plastic casing, we were involved at the beginning of the life cycle and had to meet a number of technical criteria:

  • Compliance with the 3D drawing sent by our customer, while taking into account our general manufacturing conditions;
  • the use of an opaque food-grade plastic, except for the front, which had to be transparent, but also food-grade certified;
  • a box that can be used on a connected bulk food dispenser and installed in a supermarket as part of a pilot project;
  • Rapid production, in small batches, within the set budget.

All these criteria were studied by our design office, and we were able to respond positively. In 8 days, our white ABS food-grade housing, manufactured without a mould, was ready. As our customer is based in Evreux, around a hundred kilometres from our factory in Octeville-sur-Mer, we delivered to his site.

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