Your Standard Enclosure – ElectroniCase an economical solution

A « Standard Plastic Enclosure » is manufactured in large quantities with an injection mould. The models differ with respect to their dimensions, material used, design, openings and fixing possibilities.

The advantage of a standard housing is mainly its cost and immediate availability thanks to the economy of scale achieved by the large manufacturing quantity. Being a stocked catalogue product, the lead time is often very short.
The disadvantage of a standard housing is that the electronics must be adapted to the technical characteristics of a model from the outset. If this is not possible, it is necessary to adapt and rework the standard plastic housing to suit the application. The reworking of a standard plastic housing has a cost which must be added to the original price of the enclosure. In addition, the rework is often subcontracted, which adds an additional service provider to the production chain.

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The price of an ElectroniCase Enclosure

LTP launches « ElectroniCase »

To meet the need for an “economical” enclosure with a “short” supply time without losing the “custom” option, LTP launched its “ElectroniCase” offer in 2012.

A standard case, but tailor-made! With ElectroniCase, you receive your case ready to use, without the need for additional re-machining or finishing operations, designed in 5 working days:

In addition…. You only have to deal with one supplier for your plastic case.

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The lead-time of an ElectroniCase

As specified on the ElectroniCase website in the “delay” section, the 5 days delay starts when we have all the necessary information. Furthermore, this is for a “raw” enclosure. To this delay, we must add the time for marking and painting if required. In the longest configuration, the lead time can be up to 16 working days, starting from the date of the complete information.

After the validation of the prototype, the production time for the ElectroniCase range is standard: 3 weeks.

If unforeseen circumstances do not allow us to meet the announced deadlines, our team will inform you as soon as possible.

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How did we develop the range of different ElectroniCase standard case models?

We identified the needs of the most common enclosures and created a specific range. It is a range of configurable models designed to be very economical and quick to manufacture.

Our designs have been developed to optimize manufacturing costs. In addition, we are present in more than 8 geographical areas, through a site accessible to all; this arrangement places us in a permanent competitive position.

Our designers, engineers and technicians have developed models that meet aesthetic and technical needs.


Technicité :

ElectroniCase is a very innovative proposal in the field of plastic cases, as it is a service that allows you to configure your custom enclosure according to your specifications autonomously on our site and to establish an immediate quote online.
You choose a model and fill in the dimensions you want, as well as the specifications (openings, recesses, windows, vent slots, inner mounting features, marking, paint and/or varnish, …). The estimate will be immediately available in your account. Creating an account and an immediate quote is entirely free and without obligation.
Simply make an initial “Online Quote”, fill in your details in the form and activate your account via the link in the activation email.

Plastic Enclosure: Standard or Standard to configure?

Only the design type (shape) will be defined, and you choose from an extensive library of templates.
Then, you will fully define your customisations: your dimensions, your machining, your fixings, the possible marking and painting.
At the design of your standard plastic enclosure, we adapt to your board, your components and their layout: you don’t need to rework or adapt your electronic components.

Before the prototype manufacturing starts, our team can send you a 3D Drawing to validate the plan; you can also send us your parts. A prototype then allows you to check the assembly of your elements.

Standard and made-to-measure is a juxtaposition of terms in the form of an oxymoron. In fact, the two terms cover an effective reality: we start with a standard model, whose design is existing, which will then be configured, adapted to your dimensions and finishes and which will become, after this work, custom-made.

Standard : the design type. This is only the x-design. We have developed a number of designs covering a wide range of usage requirements, from which you can choose the model that suits your function, with several aesthetic possibilities.

Custom : everything else. That is to say, the dimensions, the machining, the fixings, the marking and the painting if necessary.

If no template suits you, we can create one specifically for you via the « DesignCase ».

The price of an ElectroniCase Enclosure

The first part is for participation in the design and programming costs. These costs are one-time and non-recurring. As an ElectroniCase prototype is completely finished, this part contains the following items, depending on the chosen customisation:

The price of the ElectroniCase standard plastic enclosure prototype depends on the project and the requested finishes; it is, on average, between 195€ and 800€. The second part contains the prices for mass – serial production. The manufacturing process used for the ElectroniCase range is plastic without moulds, i.e. « Plastic sheet work ». This process does not require any mould or specific tooling. On the other hand, it is our production machines which are parameterised according to the forms which are to be carried out. The time and cost of the machine setting is fixed. This is why there is a decreasing price linked to the quantity ordered. The economic quantity for our manufacturing process is between 50 and 100 pcs, depending on the plastic housing size. The “Plastic sheet metal work” process consists of manual and automatic steps.The « instant quote » on ElectroniCase’s online site allows you to set up your project and obtain your personalised quote immediately and online in the « my account » section. You can make as many quotes as you want, creating a new quote for each version. The creation and receipt of an immediate quote are without obligation and entirely free. The estimate is sent to you after the validation of the account. The Standard Plastic Case Quote is also downloadable in the « my account » section.

Manufacturing quantity for an ElectroniCase

Our small and medium batch technology is effective from a few dozen to several thousand parts; the tipping point with injection moulding depends on the product type and the expectation of stability without modification.

If your enclosure meets a market of large series of several tens or hundreds of thousands of parts, our subcontracting department will be in charge of proposing you the transfer in the technology of the moment the most adapted (injection probably).