La Tôlerie Plastique is the partner for all types of companies in the sectors of health & beauty, services sector and industry.
Health / Beauty
Medical, laboratory, paramedical, cosmetic sector
Production Processes (continuous and batch), general electronics, control and measuring devices, e-mobility
Service & IoT
Detection and security, professional IT, automation technology, digitalisation, dematerialisation
Smart building, ventilation, detection and security, IoT
The custom-made enclosures designed by LTP are intended to embellish, protect or cover analysis, control, processing, printing or RFID devices or all types of IoT (Connected Objects – Internet of Things) devices. With this tailor-made plastic solution, LTP supports its customers in product development and contributes to their sales success:
Aesthetics adapted to the target group and markets
Fast design and manufacturing times
Flexibility of evolution possible with each series
Very low initial investment – no costs for specific tooling
Our technical sales team and design office have the necessary operational experience to meet the constraints of your application environment. Here are the main constraints by application sector.


  • Need to clean and disinfect equipment:
    • Chemical resistance of the materials used
    • Solution for visible grooves related to LTP technology.
  • Information required for CE file marking.
  • Integration of accessories and components: articulated arm, storage space for handpieces, pumps, storage drawer
  • Guarantee of Rolling stability for rolling machines: wheelbase calculation based on the centre of gravity
  • Consideration of specific tolerance points: specific control during the production process
  • Guarantee of Specific material: flame retardant UL, REACH, RoHS
  • Combination of the need for electromagnetic protection and wave transmission (RFID antenna): selective application of copper paint.
  • Optimisation of the space required for electronic equipment.
  • Consideration of constraints related to equipment maintenance: access to the battery tray, adapted locking system.
  • Consideration of specific tolerance points: specific verification steps during production processes.
  • Integration of membrane keyboards, touch screens…
  • Integration of HDMI IN / OUT switches, USB connectivity …
  • Utilisation of Raw materials specific to the environment of use: oil in the workshop, the chemical reaction by disinfection, UL flame retardant, Reach, RoHS, temperature variations and peaks.
  • Adaptation to Specific demands for mechanical strength, design strength, reinforcing parts and strong, robust raw materials.
  • Integration of heavy components (> 10kg). Robust enclosures, suitable for transport and/or vibration.
  • Understanding of explicit constraints: specific aspects and tolerances
  • Integration of specific features: sliding drawers for tools or accessories.
  • Consideration of maintenance-related constraints: secure access to electronic components, quick-fit features (hook, insert slot for PCB), suitable locking systems.
  • Integration of easy handling features: carrying handles, handles, wheels…