A sloped enclosure with integrated display or screen (HMI & IoT) : Casing solution for better ergonomics !

A custom-made sloped enclosure is a volume created by assembling bent plastic sheets to protect, embellish or cover electronic equipment, including a display. Its front panel is angled, which improves interaction between the user and the machine.

Thanks to its medium size, it can be hand-held, placed on a desk or mounted on a wall. The sloping front panel with a cut-out for a display, monitor or keyboard not only protects electronic components such as printed circuit boards and connectors from dirt, liquids, or electromagnetic interference, but also allows the operator to comfortably use the electronic device and improves the quality of the human-machine interface (HMI).

How do you successfully design a custom-made sloped enclosure in terms of ergonomics?

The angled position of the front panel allows for a suitable mounting of the membrane keyboard or monitor. LTP manufactures the enclosures to measure without any special moulds. This means that even small and medium-sized series can be developed and produced “to measure”.

For example, an access control device, which registers everyone who enters your office by making them click on a screen. The screen and the electronics on the circuit board behind the screen are the complete product. However, without an outer shell, the raw electronics do not look like a finished product, despite the fact, that the device technically works. It is in this type of situation that a custom-designed plastic sloped enclosure is needed. Regardless of whether it is a test version or a finished product, both versions will need a custom enclosure to mount and test the electronics.

Custom-made membrane keyboards for your custom-made plastic enclosure: Choose the « 1 stop – shop » option! !

Many parts from one contact: LTP has specialised in the design and development of customised plastic enclosures for over 30 years. This unique solution has been exported almost from day one to various European countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. LTP carefully selected the local partner in each case. The aim was to offer real added value to the different markets. Therefore, all LTP’s local partners are experienced teams and offer, in addition to in-depth knowledge of enclosure development, various standard electronics, but also customised solutions for membrane keypads, connectors, metal housings and many other solutions needed by manufacturers of electronic devices. These devices have mainly test, analysis or measurement functions. They are used in the health and beauty, industrial or microelectronic sectors.

« The membrane keyboard’s flexible circuitry is screen printed with contact areas and tracks in conductive silver and/or carbon inks and dielectric insulation on one or more polyester films separated by spacers.
On membrane keyboards, the different layers are cut out by laser, guaranteeing maximum precision and registration.
The connection to the PCB is made via a connector crimped to the end of the polyester film or directly by inserting the film onto the PCB.
Inspection, testing and unit traceability are assured at the end of the manufacturing process. »

Source : http://ihmfrance.com/clavier-a-membrane/

The best-known categories are the following:

  • The flat keyboard
  • The polyester dome keyboard
  • The metal dome keyboard
  • The active, or intelligent, keyboard