Customised plastic parts: Design & manufacture by machining, angle or round bending - No mould

What types of technical parts are hidden behind the very generic term “custom-made plastic part”?
The word “PART” in the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary has 13 different significations, depending on the context. In a technical context, the definition is : a piece of a machine or structure.
In LTP’s offer, the term “custom-made plastic part” is a product made of plastic material dedicated to a precise application in the Health & Beauty, Industry and Service & IoT sectors.

For example :

  • Tray
  • Support
  • Bracket
  • Rail
  • Front panel
  • Fixing bracket
  • Protection
Custom plastic front panel
front panels for electronics _ custom designed no tooling
The difference between a custom-made plastic part and a custom-made plastic case, is in its shape. An enclosure is a volume in 3 dimensions, whereas a part is in 2 dimensions, the thickness of the material making up the 3rd dimension.

Definition : Each of the elements whose assembly forms a constructed object: Main part of an engine for example. Spare parts (Larousse). Larousse.

LTP can design and manufacture your customised plastic part and respond to a fixing or assembly problem that you encounter during the development of your project. Simply contact our technical sales team on +33 (0)2 35 54 63 40 to discuss your requirements. With more than 35 years of experience, we can offer you a suitable solution. Contrary to a custom plastic part manufacturing by injection, at LTP we will manufacture your custom plastic parts in our Plastic Part Machining Process which is an integral part of the general « Sheet Plastics Bending » process.

To help our sales team understand your needs, you can send us any information you have in your possession, i.e. a sketch, images, a detailed plan or components. The LTP sales team will then work out the most suitable methods and submit a quotation, which will consist of 2 parts.

The first part with the development costs and the price of a fully finished physical prototype. These costs are one-off and non-recurring.

The second part will contain the prices for mass production. We will offer you a sliding scale of prices according to your needs in terms of quantity. Unlike 3D printing, the “Plastic Sheet Metal” process allows for an interesting degression from 5 to about 5,000 custom plastic parts. For large volumes and depending on the complexity, the injection manufacturing process with a mould will be more economical.

When developing and manufacturing a plastic part, it is important to define the dimensional and aesthetic characteristics of all or part of the part.
Based on your specifications or on your constraints of use, our technical-sales team will define them with you.
These elements will be taken into account in the manufacturing methods defined for the production of your custom-made plastic part.

In addition, we can offer you the necessary finishes for your custom-made plastic part:

  • Painted in the desired RAL
  • Clear protection varnish
  • Copper shielding EMI paint
  • Marking by Digital Printing

All of these steps are carried out here at LTP at our site in Octeville-sur-Mer, France. Our technical sales team will take care of the theoretical design and the preparation of an estimate. After placing your order, our design and engineering team will design your customised plastic part and send you a technical 3D for validation. Only after your approval the machining and shaping of your part will start. After receiving the fully finished prototype, you will be able to test the part and validate the correct understanding of your needs.

This prototype will be the contractual basis for subsequent series production.

Give us a call +33(0)2 35 54 63 40.
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