Your plastic enclosure manufacturer: A design and production site

LTP is a designer and manufacturer of plastic enclosures.
Unlike consulting or service companies, LTP’s offer reaches from product design to the product manufacturing of your custom plastic enclosure. To do so, we consider your technical, budgetary and aesthetic requirements.
The first phase is to understand and formulate your needs around six essential themes for an enclosure manufacturer.
1.Customer, Device & Project Information

Presenting information on these subjects allows our technical-sales team to discover your company, your core business and your project. In a tailor-made design, this understanding is essential to be as close as possible to your expectations and make your device or project a success. LTP is a manufacturer of plastic enclosures, and as such, we can find a solution to almost any problem. Since 1985, our team has been designing around 400 – 500 new projects per year, a wealth of experience that we proudly apply to every new request we handle.

2.Application Environment and Ergonomic Constraints

Collecting elements around these themes is essential in your enclosure’s technical and ergonomic design. The constraints are obviously very different between a device installed outside or inside. Its shape, access zones or utilisation interfaces must all be in line with its functionality.

3.Type of Customized Enclosure Project [Cover, Point of Sales (POS), Part, Enclosure]

By the type of project, we try to understand if your project is a closed volume that houses electronic components, or if it is rather a cover to protect the user or a sensitive part of production equipment or simply a mechanical part (5S, shipping lock, spacer etc.).

4.Technical Requirements

This topic will be the main subject of our exchanges and the most important part. It is about defining your needs in terms of mechanical, chemical, temperature, electromagnetic and sealing resistance. It is also about the type and thickness of material that will be defined and the accessibility to your electronics that you want to create.

5.Design & Aesthetics requirement

The design and aesthetics part will mainly guide the work of our designers, our finishing operators (painting & marking) and our final quality control team. The development of a hidden or mechanical part requires a completely different approach to a high-end plastic terminal for a technical device used in a laboratory.

6.Customer service

The service section allows us to add services that are not part of our core business, but which are highly valued by our customers. These include details of assembly, packaging or documentation services, for example.
It is after having gathered the maximum of information around your project, that we can start the design phase.

LTP, enclosure manufacturer: Two development options for your custom plasting casing

We have noticed a growing need for responsiveness on almost all your markets. Thus, the reduction and the reliability of your products’ supply times have become a major issue in the management of your supply chain. To answer this problem, as a plastic case manufacturer, we offer you two development options, depending on the complexity of your project: ElectroniCase and DesignCase

Your project is handled by the same teams with the same skills. After the validation of the technical 3D your prototype, according to its characteristics will be designed via the ElectroniCase option or via the DesignCase option. Our Design Office has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of custom plastic cases and will ensure the feasibility of your project for production. If possible they will optimize the design for productivity and budget. They will test the assembly method and write the manufacturing instructions and mass production.

Thus as a case manufacturer we specifically develop the design and manufacturing method for your project.

A plastic processing solution to meet simple and complex needs

As a plastic housing manufacturer in France, our mouldless technology is suitable for both very simple projects or parts, but also for technically complex projects.

A simple project can be a front panel, spacer, bracket or plastic bar.

A complex project can be a case, a desk or a terminal integrating a touch screen, a membrane keyboard, a printed circuit, LEDs, light guides or any other electronic or mechanical components.

The housing can then be completed with accessories such as wheels, hinges or locks.

Simple or complex, the projects manufactured without moulds follow the same path from the first contact, the elaboration of a theoretical design and a quotation, the order, the first 3D visualisation and the manufacture of a prototype. (The latter being the contractual basis for the series).

The design of a case or a casing by a custom plastic enclosure manufacturer is materialised by 2 main elements:

  • A 3D file for virtual validation
  • A complete prototype with all the required finishes (marking, painting) for mechanical but also design validation

In some cases, we can also combine several technologies offered by other partner manufacturers:

  • Injection
  • Plastic machining
  • Additive printing
  • Thermoforming
  • Vacuum and gravity casting
  • Composite
  • Metal supporting frame

Our purchasing department has selected a panel of manufacturers and we ensure the dialogue and follow-up for you, from design to control and delivery.