Marking on plastic, a finishing expertise carried out by La Tôlerie Plastique

La Tôlerie Plastique guarantees you a controlled quality, thanks to a fully integrated manufacturing process here in, Octeville-sur-Mer where we carry out all the finishing stages such as plastic marking.
What is meant by « branding » ?

The act of marking, affixing, or making a mark (inscription, design) on something; a mark so made: The marking of linen."

What are the difFerent methods used at LTP to “marking” on plastic?

At LTP, we master screen printing on plastic, digital printing on plastic and engraving on plastic. Each method and its advantages are explained on a dedicated page. Other techniques, such as laser marking or hot stamping on plastic, can be carried out by a partner if required.
  • Laser marking on plastic is suitable for very small text or images.
  • Hot stamping on plastic is a method that is more commonly used in large series, as this method requires a customised stamp.

Hot stamping on plastic is a method that is more commonly used in large series, as this method requires a customised stamp: Sewing, Military, Nuclear, Sport, Transport, Zoologie.

There are of course companies specialising in marking. There are also companies specialising in the design and manufacture of customised plastic cases.

The advantage at LTP is the desire to provide our customers with a rich, 360° offer. This is why we have chosen to offer a vertically integrated manufacturing cycle from the start.

All aesthetic finishing operations on your case are carried out in-house in our workshops in Octeville-sur-Mer.

The plastic marking is made either directly on the housing or on a plate which is then glued to the housing. As an alternative to a plate with a plastic marking, we can also design and supply a custom-made label or self-adhesive dome.

Cosmetic finishing includes the following operations:
When developing a custom-made plastic housing, marking fulfils 2 main objectives:
  • To specify a function or instruction
  • To identify a product
  • To inform about a particular standard or precaution
  • To decorate and embellish
  • To suggest images or representations
  • To create a range effect
  • To highlight the graphic charter and identity of the company or brand

Each marking is unique and archived at LTP in your Technical File (DT), entirely customised with your specifications. We can reproduce your graphic charter according to the Pantone or RAL codes indicated.

As the prototype page explains, this is the contractual basis for all mass production. During the manufacturing process, you will receive a “print layout” from our plastic marking department for validation.
Our marking department is familiar with the graphic software and can apply any modifications at any time, even at the last minute.

Take advantage of the complete LTP offer for the keyboard or accessory part to finish your customised case or plastic part developed for your device. Our teams can also create your visual from your logo, text and colour codes. This flexibility allows you to concentrate on the development of your device.

It is also possible to change your visual between series. Has your marketing department changed your company’s graphic charter? Are you a company manager who wants to modernise your visual identity? No problem with your plastic marking. Just send us the information, and our plastic marking service will make the changes and send you proof for validation.