Customised plastic covers and enclosure for large electronic devices

A plastic cover or casing is a cover or volume created by assembling plastic sheets to protect, embellish or cover electronic and/or mechanical equipment. In most cases, it is larger and is supported by an internal frame. This internal chassis or skeleton can be made of metal or plastic. A large, heavy electronic device, such as a spectrometer used in an industrial production environment, is mounted on a metal frame covered with plastic panels. With a bespoke solution from LTP, many different solutions can be found for shape and size requirements and technical needs.

Designing solutions for plastic covers and protections: Robustness and aesthetics

A large, heavy electronic device often looks chunky, especially when it needs to be protected from mechanical shock or dirt by a thick plastic outer casing. LTP offers the most cost-effective solution, tailored to the working environment of your device and adds aesthetic features that give your device a modern look despite its size. Other accessories can be added to the unique design of your cover and enclosure, such as wheels, hinges, locks or trolley wheels, for example.


Today, engineers and technicians do not only have to solve the problems of operating a new device. They must also comply with various standards such as UL94 V-0, IP or and EMI shielding. Our online CHECKLIST allows you to collect and write all the necessary technical specifications. LTP can use a certified raw material if your cover or enclosure needs to be UL94 V-0 compliant. To help you achieve an IP standard, we can customise the enclosure design, including special seals. Different solutions can be achieved via EMI selective painting. We can protect the external working environment from electromagnetic interference. But we can also create conductivity in the internal area of the casing.