An LTP prototype to validate a correct understanding of your needs and start your marketing actions and sales development

What is the difference between plastic prototyping and an LTP prototype?

Definition :

First copy, model
The first constructed example of a mechanical assembly, a device or a machine, which is intended to test its qualities in service with a view to mass production (Larousse).

3D printing is nowadays the most widely used process for plastic prototyping, as it allows rapid manufacturing without a mould from a 3D file. It is then possible to quickly obtain a “first copy” of your developed part; often, a prototype is a raw, mechanical part without finishing.

At LTP, a plastic prototype is a fully finished part with all the accessories (fixing elements, rubber feet, hinges, battery compartments, paint, varnish and marking).


Without the need to make a mould, the lead time in sheet plastics fabrication is fast to obtain a prototype. This will allow you to choose the most suitable technology for your needs.

If necessary and depending on the plastic design required, via our partner network, we can offer you a manufacturing process using another plastic process.

The deadline for the production of your plastic prototype is set by the person in charge of our design office, depending on the complexity and the elements available to us:

Simple enclosure, cover or part: 2 to 4 weeks
Complex enclosure, cover or part: 4 to 10 weeks


The time required for mass production depends on the complexity of your housing/covering:

Simple enclosure, cover or part: 2 to 4 weeks
Complex enclosure, cover or part: 6-8 weeks

The shipping date is confirmed by email upon receipt of the order.

Since 1985, at this site near Le Havre in Normandy, France, we have specialised in the design and manufacture of enclosures and customised plastic housings without the need for specific moulds or tools. This process is the most economical for small and medium-sized production runs from one unit to 10,000 per year. The prototype phase is only an essential and compulsory first phase to validate the design and a good understanding of your needs. The production quantity during the prototype phase is 1 – 5 pieces. Your plastic design is materialised in a custom-made prototype. This is delivered “ready to use”. The final result is similar to that of injection moulding. The main difference is the existence of joint planes, which are chamfered and aesthetic. A gallery of examples is available on our website. After validation, the prototype is the reference for mass production.

We will send you a quote either immediately online for our ElectroniCase range or within 24 hours for a fully bespoke DesignCase project.

According to your plans and/or indications, we estimate the price of the prototype (design and production) as well as the unit price in series according to the launched quantity.
The price of a plastic prototype varies according to the complexity of the case and the information we have available. It is necessary to count a few hundred euros for a simple case (135 to 4000€) to a few thousand for a complex casing (1000€ to 8000€). Some very complex projects can reach 10,000€.

In serial production the unit price depends upon the production quantity. As no specific mould nor tooling is needed, our machines need to be configurated to produce each custom designed reference. The fix costs are than spread on the produced quantity. Therefore, the unit price in series is determined by launch quantity.
Nevertheless, an annual frame order (for example 2000 parts in 4 calls of 500 parts) allows us to optimise our organisation and opens the possibility of a sales discount.