Our activities

Since 1985, LTP has been designing and manufacturing custom-made plastic housings and parts, without the need for molds or special tooling, for small and medium production runs of up to 5,000 parts.
Our plastic sheet metal and plastic machining technology is an alternative to traditional plastics processes such as 3D printing, thermoforming, vacuum casting or plastic injection, and offers numerous advantages for small and medium production runs.

We offer a variety of solutions such as :

  • Custom-made plastic boxes and enclosures, simple or complex, in any size. These enclosures are designed and developed according to your requirements and specifications by our engineering department, and include all desired specifications for equipment, brackets, painting and marking.
  • Aesthetic cladding, control panels, front panels, man-machine interface (MMI), enclosures and protective housings made to measure and to your specifications for your devices, equipment and industrial machines.
  • Medical or information terminals
  • Customized plastic parts for mechanical, protective or aesthetic applications

Our activities also include :

  • Machining and customization of existing enclosures
  • UV marking on plastic housings, parts and plates

Finally, with our integrated offering, you have a single point of contact for all your projects, from conception to completion:

  • Research and implementation of technical solutions for your project.
  • Selecting subcontractors
  • Coordination of the entire project entrusted to us.
LTP - Boîtier plastique sur mesure et sans moule

Our partnerships enable us to guarantee you the best offer for the following activities:

  • Equipment integration and box cabling
  • Sheet metal work (frames, structures)
  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Thermoplastic injection moulding
  • 3D CNC machining
  • Membrane keypad
  • Custom packaging

Sectors of Activity

We serve a variety of business sectors; in particular the medical sector, industry, laboratories, electrical energy storage, electronics and connected instruments and objects, proving the versatility and adaptability of our solutions.

LTP - Nos Activités - Conception et Fabrication boîtier plastique

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