Plastic engraving

La Tôlerie Plastique guarantees a controlled quality, thanks to a fully integrated manufacturing process here in Octeville-sur-Mer, where we carry out all the finishing stages, such as engraving on plastic.

We can carry out any type of plastic engraving on your custom-made case. Engraving on plastic is done using a digital machining program. With plastic machining, the engraving on plastic (shape or text or the path of the machining) is determined by a program, which controls the tip to be engraved on the material (ABS, PS, PVC, Polycarbonate, PMMA).

The finest engraving tip LTP uses for engraving on plastic is 0.5mm. This type of CNC cutter can engrave lines up to 1mm wide. To better visualise this engraving on plastic, you can imagine the smallest size of text we can engrave via a word document. With a 0.5mm engraving tip, we can mark your custom case with text in the word font size corresponding to size 8.

Our design office will program the machining according to your specifications. It is possible to produce text in the most common fonts but also shapes, logos or lettering. As in traditional printing, the fonts that can be used are post-script. To define your plastic engraving, use the finishing plans.

  • Economical marking to be made during the machining of the part
  • A robust solution that cannot be erased or torn off
  • Less visible marking unless a marking is made inside the engraving.
  • No gradation possible

One finishing option for plastic engraving is to add a marking to the engraved area. This enhances the engraved visibility and gives your device a premium look. Plastic engraving is carried out during the machining of the individual parts.

If the enclosure or final part is painted, the marking in the engraving on plastic is done at the end of the volume manufacturing cycle. If the enclosure is unpainted, the marking in the engraving is made directly on the plastic before the enclosure or part is shaped and assembled/glued.

Take advantage of the complete LTP offer for the keyboard or accessory part to finish your customised case or plastic part developed for your device. Our teams can also create your visual from your logo, text and colour codes. This flexibility allows you to concentrate on the development of your device.

It is also possible to change your visual between series. Has your marketing department changed your company’s graphic charter? Are you a company manager who wants to modernise your visual identity? No problem with your plastic marking. Simply send us the information, and our plastic marking service will make the changes and send you proof for validation.

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