Cover for small metal analysis device     


Mould-free plastic processing, due to its flexibility and cost, is suitable for the needs of professionals from different sectors: Smart Building, industry, service and IoT, beauty and health… Indeed, this innovative process, designed by our company, allows the production of covers in small and medium series to protect and beautify various devices. Devoid of tooling costs, and not requiring the use of a mould, it is more economical and the design times are faster.

This technology also offers another advantage for our clients: it adapts to their requirements and constraints. Therefore, we can offer them custom made parts, enclosures, and covers. An expertise of our company, which matched the project of a manufacturer of material control devices for metal constructions. The request of this family business, located in Georgsmarienhütte, Lower Saxony, Germany, was based on 3 criteria:

• A compact solution for the integration of electronic components;

• A small quantity;

• The possibility of making modifications between orders.

These criteria were perfectly met by our Plastic Sheet Bending process. That’s why this German manufacturer trusted us with their project.

A custom-designed compact plastic cover

The core business of our client is the manufacture of optical emission spectrometry devices for metal analysis. A very specific activity, which requires know-how and the use of particular parts for the design of spectrometers. Therefore, for their new product, the smallest metal analyzer in the world, they needed a compact cover that could contain electronic components and adapt to the configuration of the device. Mould-free plastic processing was therefore the most appropriate technology.

For this project, we intervened during the research and development phase to present the manufacturer with a prototype in line with their request. After analyzing their needs, our design office developed a 3D plan, taking into account their requirements. Then, once this plan was validated, we designed the first custom plastic cover in our workshop. Our client was well satisfied with this prototype and a small series production (20 pieces) was launched.

Our client’s requirements for this project

For this specific cover, our client had several requirements. Besides a compact format, they needed a material compatible with electronic components, robust and adaptable to the configuration of the small spectrometer. It also had to be usable in a very specific environment: a laboratory. We therefore proposed a plastic cover to them.

Furthermore, due to the low quantity to be produced, the use of a mould was not cost-effective. Moreover, it was essential to be able to modify the cover between orders. Our Plastic Sheet Metal Work process thus proved to be the most appropriate solution.

Our client also had requirements regarding the design and aesthetics of their cover, namely copper shielding and a paint with a very resistant varnish. Finishes that we could carry out in our workshop, thanks to our equipment and know-how.

Finally, their project was based on the design of a small series cover – 20 pieces – per year. A request that, once again, our mould-free Plastic Sheet Bending process allowed us to meet.