A made-to-measure IP65 box: the solution for an IoT pool connection and control application!

Connecting your pool to an IoT application allowing it to be controlled allows you to simplify its management and save energy. A promise of the EZPOOL company.
On the other hand, the humid environment of use requires the integration of the electronic components in a custom-made waterproof plastic case. The components to be encapsulated in an IoT application are generally connectors, a power supply, an electronic card or a printed circuit, terminal blocks and LEDs. These electronic components must be protected from splashing water. A level of tightness is expressed via the IP standard (Ingress Protection). With a custom-made plastic case designed and manufactured in plastic sheet metal, it is possible to achieve a level of tightness of IP65.

Why is the IP level of a plastic sheet metal enclosure fixed IP65?

The Tôlerie Plastique process is a member of the large PLASTURGIE family alongside other processes such as injection, vacuum casting, thermoforming or 3D printing. It is an innovative and proprietary process. It was invented and developed by the founder of the SME Normande M. ANTOINE in 1985.
This innovative and proprietary technology borrows methods used in METAL and WOOD. As in Sheet Metal, basic plastic parts (ABS, PS, PMMA or PC) of different sizes (thicknesses of 2 – 25mm) and shapes are bent, bent and curved. These L-shaped and U-shaped parts are then assembled as in WOOD in “tenon-mortise” and glued by chemical welding. Even though the chemical welding gives a quality similar to the injection, the jointing line meets a sealing level of approximately IP21. To achieve superior sealing, an adapted design is necessary, however the maximum achievable within the framework of the Plastic Sheet Metal process remains fixed at IP65.

How to achieve IP 65 tightness in Plastics Industry WITHOUT MOLD

The second digit of an IP standard indicates the intensity and direction of the water spray. The number 4 in IP64 means “protected against splashing water from all directions”. With a custom-made IP65 plastic case, the electronics are protected against “jets of water from all directions using a lance (6.3 mm nozzle, distance 2.5 to 3 m, flow rate 12.5 l/min ± 5%)”.
To achieve a new IP65, it is necessary to design your custom plastic case from the start in this sense. That is to say, adapt the division of the volume in L and U according to the direction and intensity of the projected water. Then it is possible to add O-rings on a belt with a cover to create a seal after the closure of the box with a cover. Another solution is to apply an interior sealant, similar to a method found in bathrooms or windows.
A watertightness certificate is usually provided by an accredited laboratory with standardized test methods.

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