Plastic printing by La Tôlerie Plastique

La Tôlerie Plastique guarantees you a controlled quality, thanks to a fully integrated manufacturing process here in Octeville-sur-Mer, where we carry out all the finishing stages, such as plastic printing.
Plastic printing: What is it?

Plastic printing is a term generally used to describe the action of adding a visual (text or image) to an object.

The object can be a container, such as packaging (plastic bottle, plastic bag etc.) or a cover to protect electronic components. Printing on plastic is first used for these different uses to identify the product and add information about the product. Secondly, printing on plastic is used to embellish the object and reinforce the identity of the product or brand.

At LTP, we design and manufacture bespoke cases and housings without the need for special tooling. Printing on rigid plastic allows us to create a finish adapted to an electronic device with safety instructions, identification to facilitate connection and also the brand of the device or company.

This finish also makes it possible to adapt the test, analysis or measurement device to its market (Health & Beauty, Industry, Tertiary & Service) to guarantee commercial success.

What are the different plastic printing techniques ?

At LTP plastic printing is the process of digital printing.

« Digital printing is a reproduction technique that allows documents to be printed directly from computer data.»

Digital printing is, therefore, the opposite of offset or screen printing.

In digital printing methods, a distinction is made between digital inkjet and laser printing. Our workshops are equipped with 2 inkjet printers. This equipment enables us to mark on your plastic cases entirely to measure, even for small and medium-sized series. This method is fast, flexible and above all, economical.

What are the advantages of the different plastic printing techniques? What should I choose? Screen printing on plastic, digital printing on plastic or engraving on plastic?
For your customised case or plastic part, LTP can offer you the realisation of the marking via different printing techniques on plastic.
Screen printing on plastic
  • Economical and fast for large quantities
  • Metallic effect possible
  • Impossible to achieve a colour gradient
  • Costly and not very flexible for small and medium quantities
Digital printing on plastic
  • Economical, fast and flexible for small and medium quantities
  • Gradient effect possible
  • Less economical for large series
  • Impossible to achieve metallic effects
  • Cost-effective marking to be carried out during the machining of the part
  • A robust solution that cannot be erased or torn off
  • Marking is less visible unless a marking is made inside the engraving.
  • Dirt catching, depending on the use of the device
  • No gradation possible
Lexan or Label
  • More economical on a painted case
  • Can add a high-end effect
  • Risk of tearing

Take advantage of the complete LTP offer for the keyboard or accessory part to finish your customised case or plastic part developed for your device. Our teams can also create your visual from your logo, text and colour codes. This flexibility allows you to concentrate on the development of your device.

It is also possible to modify your visual between series. Has your marketing department changed your company’s graphic design? Are you a company manager who wants to modernise your corporate identity? No problem with your plastic marking. Simply send us the information, and our plastic marking service will make the changes and send you proof for validation.

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