LTP : Front Panel manufacturer with custom screen printing

With vertically integrated manufacturing, LTP designs and manufactures “custom” front panels in plastic (ABS, PS, PMMA, PC, PVC), incorporating the desired finish in the manufacturing process: painting, screen printing and/or digital printing.

We are experts in customised solutions and are at your disposal to identify your technical, aesthetic and budgetary requirements for your Front Panel screen printing needs.

Based on the chosen design, our sales team will draw up an estimate containing two parts.

In the first part of our commercial offer for front panels with screen printing, you will find development costs (industrialisation) with a prototype. These costs are non-recurring. After receiving your order and all the technical elements, our design office starts the design work.

Firstly, the design engineer will send you a 3D file to validate your customised front panel and the desired screen printing. After validation, LTP will manufacture the prototype of your front panel with screen printing. This prototype will be fully finished with the requested finishes. This prototype will allow you to test the front panel with silk screening, take photos for your communication, or present your application during a trade show or a customer meeting.

You will find the serial price in the second part of your commercial offer for the front panel with silk-screen printing. The prices will be expressed as unit prices excluding tax according to the launch quantity. When manufacturing, the cost of “setting up” is independent of the quantity, as we do not use any specific moulds or tools to manufacture your customised Front Panel. Therefore, the unit price varies according to the launch quantity.

Screen printing or, more generally, a marking on a FRONT PANEL can have several purposes: a decorative function and an identification function, for example, above a connection opening on a rear side.

Marking on a front panel is an important issue.

The front panel is the showcase of your application or device. It is the part the user will see first, and every time they use it, hence the importance of adapting both the visual and the quality of the finish.
The marking (screen printing, digital printing, engraving or LEXAN label) must contain the device’s appropriate information (company logo, safety instructions, connection identification or functions).

The marking of your Front Panel: An element not to be neglected for your application during custom development.

The graphic creation of the visual for the screen printing of the front panel, part or plastic case requires good knowledge and mastery of the target market to give it the authenticity of its market:

  • Health & Beauty
  • Tertiary
  • Industry

The term screen printing is often used to describe the action “MARKING” and does not always mean the process itself. In the screen-printing process, the marking is done via a screen that allows the ink to pass through. It is especially suitable for single colour and large quantity marking. The screen-printing process allows a high degree of precision for representing colour or small letters (even in large quantities).

At LTP, our production quantities are between 5 – 10,000 pieces per year. For this reason, we prefer to use digital printing. This process allows us to find the most suitable proposal for our customer in relation to marking their customised front panel. The following requirements guide the latter:

  • Technical
  • Budget
  • Aesthetic finish