Plastic enclosure: A lighter and more aesthetic alternative to a metal enclosure

The sheet metal branch in France represents more than 8 billion euros in cumulative turnover, achieved by approximately 17,000 companies.

The use of metal enclosures is old and meets the application needs of companies in various sectors.

Since the invention of the sheet plastics bending process in 1985, the use of plastic has been an alternative to metal enclosures, custom metal enclosures and electronic metal enclosure applications.

Indeed, plastic provides characteristics with high added value. Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing due to the possibility of working on the thickness, groove, chamfer, and decoration design.
Electronic metal or plastic housing with shielding?

The metal casing is naturally conductive. It behaves like a Faraday cage and generates electromagnetic protection. The plastic enclosure meets the same requirement by the internal application of a conductive copper paint.

Moreover, selective application of this paint often allows a better adaptation to the required characteristics.

Custom-made metal or plastic case: How to choose ?

The plastic enclosure is a high-value alternative to a metal enclosure.

A metal enclosure is preferred when the application requires enhanced mechanical strength and when the enclosure is installed in an unattended location that may be subject to vandalism.

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