Custom plastic enclosure for wall-mounted case


Mouldless plastic fabrication is a quick and cost-effective process, suitable for the production of small and medium-sized batches. It allows us to manufacture different custom plastic enclosure solutions for our clients:

  • cases;
  • housings;
  • parts.

Adapted to the constraints and requirements of several sectors of activity, including industry, Smart building, health, and beauty, this process has been the core business of our company since 1985. Thus, by entrusting their projects to us, our clients benefit from our expertise and from an innovative technology, ‘Sheet Plastic Bending’, of which we are the owners.

This was the case for a German company, a pioneer in radar measurement technology, offering automation products. It has in-depth knowledge in control engineering and artificial intelligence for applications in surveillance and predictive maintenance. Needing a plastic enclosure for a wall-mounted case in a small quantity, it turned to our company. Thanks to our mouldless plastic fabrication process, we were able to meet its expectations in the shortest time.

A customized small batch solution

Our German client, located in Duisburg, develops highly innovative sensors and automation products. For a new project, a measurement unit dedicated to internal use, it was looking for a company capable of producing:

  • a plastic enclosure,
  • in a small quantity,
  • in series,
  • and custom-made because it could not find a standard piece that met its expectations.

All of these criteria are met by our ‘Plastic Sheet Bending’ process. That is why it chose to entrust us with its project. We therefore intervened during the research and development phase, and after studying its specifications, our design office was able to propose a 3D plan, which was approved. We then started the production of a ready-to-use prototype, namely a customized plastic enclosure for a wall-mounted case. This prototype was also approved by our client, and we began its manufacture in a small batch.

Customer requirements for the design of this enclosure

For its project, the German company had no specific requirements regarding the design or finishes of the plastic enclosure. However, it did have a requirement on the volume to be produced: in small to medium quantity. This is partly why our Plastic Sheet Bending’ process proved to be the best solution. Indeed, the absence of a mould allows for the production of small batches, and the realization of a prototype without any investment cost. This production technique is therefore more profitable for parts in small production batches.

Similarly, the customized plastic enclosure had to meet our client’s final need: data measurement for laser and radio transmission. We took this into account when creating our 3D plan. Thus, we were able to present a prototype that met all its criteria, which served as a model for the production of its wall-mounted case.

To learn more about this product and our mouldless plastic fabrication technique, we invite you to contact us. We are at your disposal to provide information and present our previous achievements.