Custom-designed plastic antenna housings


Mouldless plastics processing is an innovative process developed by our company, LTP. Suitable for the production of small and medium-sized runs, it enables us to offer our customers tailor-made plastic enclosures, parts and housings, within fairly short lead times. The process meets the needs of a wide range of sectors, including industry, construction and public works, services and IOT. For example, it suited the project of one of our customers, a French IT engineering services company.

An expert in new technologies such as cyber-defence security, it supports professionals in the IT sector. Familiar with our core business, they wanted to call on our team once again to design and build an antenna housing. Because of the quantity required and the complexity of the project, only mouldless plastics processing met her requirements and budget. So they placed their trust in us again, and by following their specifications, we were able to present them with a tailor-made solution that met their deadlines.

An upgrade of a previously produced box

This Paris-based IT engineering and expertise company had previously called on our team to design an initial enclosure. As this was not entirely suitable for their new project, they wanted to upgrade it. Thanks to the flexibility of our mouldless plastics process, we were able to respond favourably to their request. We intervened during the life cycle of the project, producing a new version of the product initially designed, so that it could integrate the electronic components of a modem. We modified the machining programmes, the manufacturing range and the work instructions to present him with a new model, without any new tooling.

This is one of the advantages of our innovative process: the absence of a mould means that products can be modified quickly, at no extra cost. So V1 evolved into V2, with a bespoke polycarbonate antenna housing that met our customer’s technical and aesthetic requirements.

Our customer’s requirements for this project

The polycarbonate enclosure was produced in accordance with our customer’s specifications. We had to comply with a number of constraints, as it had to :

  • Be able to integrate the electronic components of a modem;
    • Electronics board
    • Network connector
    • Mains cable
    • LED: Human Machine Interface
  • Be fire-resistant and UL94 V-0 certified;
  • Be painted blue and customised with digital printing to match the customer’s corporate identity;
  • Be manufactured within one month.
  • The traceability of the raw materials used also had to be documented.

As this product was designed for a very specific use and environment, a standard model was not suitable. Our customer’s project involved an on-board solution for aircraft, the aim of which was to reduce the weight of on-board entertainment solutions. In concrete terms, this involved replacing the television built into each seat with a screen connected to a central modem, housed in a plastic case. We were able to meet all these requirements using our mould-free plastics process, by upgrading the first model designed for this customer. So we gave them a new polycarbonate version that ticked all the boxes in their specifications.

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