Plastic enclosure made to measure


Since 1985, our company has been offering clients custom plastic enclosure solutions through an innovative, mould-free process: Sheet Plastic Bending. Catering to the needs of businesses in various sectors across Europe, our technology enables us to manufacture enclosures, housings, and mechanical parts in small and medium series. During nearly 40 years of experience, we have worked on numerous projects for start-ups, SMEs, intermediate-sized enterprises, and large groups.

 An expertise and know-how that caught the interest of a company in need of a custom plastic enclosure for a project. Specializing in Information and Communication technology (ICT), it offers its clients (SMEs and large enterprises) a comprehensive range of services for:

  • their telephony,
  • their automation,
  • their security.

Originally a family business, it gradually expanded its operations regionally, nationally, and internationally. For one of its services, it needed a new enclosure, more budget-friendly than the previous one. Since mould-free plastic processing is less expensive than other manufacturing methods, our technology was the ideal solution. We therefore studied their request, created a plan, and worked on designing a prototype, which they approved as it met their criteria.

An ABS enclosure to replace a sheet metal model

Before entrusting us with their project, this ICT expert company used a sheet metal enclosure for one of its services. However, the production costs of this enclosure are too expensive for small series. They were thus looking for a new solution:

  • in plastic,
  • less expensive,
  • and yet be custom-made.

All their criteria could be met by our technology. Indeed, to design enclosures, mechanical parts, and housings in plastic, we do not use moulds. This allows us to reduce production costs since we save our clients from investing in a mould, which would be too high for small and medium series. Similarly, with Sheet Plastic Bending, we offer them a customized solution, with or without specific finishes. This can evolve between each series without incurring additional costs, as the evolution is made directly on the digital machining program and manual assembly instructions.

For this ICT-specialized company, we designed, according to their expectations, a custom plastic enclosure for a small series. Thus, compared to the previous sheet metal model, this new enclosure is:

  • more profitable,
  • lighter (reduced transportation costs),
  • just as robust.

Our client’s criteria for this project

As with other projects we work on, we asked this ICT expert company if they had any technical or specific requirements for their enclosure. This was not the case, so we manufactured a standard ABS enclosure, without paint and without finishes. It needed neither be waterproof nor flame-resistant according to UL94 standards. Its shape is classic, with custom dimensions, and our client chose black as colour. Nevertheless, this lack of technical and aesthetic criteria does not make this custom enclosure any less qualitative than others.

This company simply needed a standard model that could be produced in a small series at an affordable cost. Moreover, by choosing our company, they benefited from manufacturing in France, with rapid turnaround times and in accordance with their specifications.