Plastic accessories supplied by the company LTP

La Tôlerie Plastique offers you a whole range of standard accessories or those developed by LTP and adapted to the functions required for your project. This service gives you several advantages:

  • One single supplier
  • Customised fixing & mounting solution
  • Final assembly of the enclosure
  • Finishes for your final device
A single supplier

Your purchasing and accounting departments will love you! One supplier, one contact person and a multitude of solutions. Instead of placing 3 orders, you will place only one and save precious time in coordination and administration. Our offer consists of adding the necessary accessories according to your technical and aesthetic needs. We have a wide range of parts to offer you: Rubberised or tilting feet, screws, hinges, battery boxes, seals, inserts, pillars, DIN rails etc.

Integrated customised fixing and mounting solution
Have you ever had a house built? You have a problem, but the plumber says it’s the electrician’s fault, and the electrician blames the plumber? By choosing to work with LTP and designing your custom enclosure, not only will La Tôlerie Plastique take into account all your requirements, but we will also take responsibility for ensuring the conformity of the custom-made housing. The steps in the development of a bespoke plastic enclosure with integrated plastic accessories are :

Representation of your project in 3D

Materialization by a prototype after validation of the 3D
Start mass production after validation of the prototype
We can also supply a range of the most commonly used screws. It is also possible to supply battery boxes. These can be integrated as required into a housing.

Two sizes are available:

  • Small model: suitable for 2 AA/LR6 batteries or 1 PP3/6LR22 battery.
  • Large model: suitable for 4 AA/LR6 batteries.

In each case, the enclosures are positioned in a rectangular cut-out; the respective dimensions are 33 x 52mm and 61 x 57mm. The overall dimensions of the enclosures are 36.4 x 22.5 mm and 63.8 x 22.5 mm.

For the fixing of your electronics, we propose the installation of inserts on your case to allow you to fix any external element for screwing. Completely or partially embedded in the thickness of the material or housed in the pillars, these are fixing points for internal elements (electrical, electronic, or mechanical components) or external elements (external hooks).

Fixed to the inner walls of the enclosure, they allow components to be mounted in an elevated position.
Two types of pillars are available:

  • Hexes for self-tapping screws
  • With threaded insert

In each case, it is necessary to specify :

  • The type of screws used (the external diameter of the columns depends on this).
  • The proper height in relation to the wall.

To achieve precise positioning, we position the columns in the recesses and adjust their depth according to the proper height.

Plastic accessories for assembly of the box or casing

Your expertise is the assembly of the components and the final device. Fitting a hinge or attaching rubber feet is part of the manufacturing process but can easily be outsourced to the Plastic Sheet Bending team. We are used to handling our cases, housings, terminals, desks or plastic parts. These steps can be integrated into a manufacturing step, allowing you to benefit from synergy and optimise the manufacturing flow.

Plastic accessories for finishing your end device

Always with the aim to propose a global offer and deliver a complete and finished case or casing, we can propose accessories that will add an aesthetic finishing touch to your device.
Rubber feet
Rubberised or tilting feet attached to the outside of the case improve the stability of the case. They also prevent wear and tear from friction and slippage.
Customised label or tag
We design and produce customised labels, tags or polycarbonate films with a grained or smooth appearance and no tooling costs. Marked and glued on your product, they give it the final touch of personalisation and adapt it to its function.

The study of the layout of your components is part of our “Study-Prototype” service. We provide all the fixing solutions for easy assembly: PCB grooves, studs, inserts, studs with inserts, etc.

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