Painting on plastic by La Tôlerie Plastique

La Tôlerie Plastique guarantees you a controlled quality, thanks to a fully integrated manufacturing process here in Octeville-sur-Mer, where we carry out all the finishing stages such as the painting of your plastic enclosure, cover or part.
Pros :
Applying paint to plastic protects the raw material from external aggression:
  • UV radiation
  • Corrosive liquids
  • Scratches
Polymers are sensitive to UV rays and certain industrial environments.
The application of a varnish improves the appearance and durability of products. At LTP, we offer two painting options for plastics.
Painting (colour)
  • Single-component acrylic paint
  • Two-component polyurethane paint
Varnish (transparent)
These finishes reduce the ageing (yellowing) of your bespoke plastic enclosure and enhance scratch resistance.

The materials are white or black. With the paint option, all finish colours are possible. All RAL colours (or Pantone matches) are developed in our paint shop. In addition to the different RAL tones, we offer THREE types of finishing : matte finish, satin finish or high glossy finish.

The cost of varnish and/or paint depends on the size and shape of the case, and must be calculated for each project. On average, a flat rate of €75.00 per prototype, and approximately 10% of the case price per batch of 100 pieces is required. We have all finishing solutions for all shades.

EMC is the electromagnetic compatibility of a device that operates without causing electromagnetic interference in its environment. To make your device “compatible”, LTP applies a shielding. This shielding is an electromagnetic protection, i.e. coating based on nickel or copper. The application can be complete or partial (IoT).

The application of a shield can also protect the different components from each other. In this case, this protection is called “Faraday Cage” (an earthed metal screen surrounding electronics). It protects the electronic components against electrostatic discharges.
Finally, a shielding application may also be necessary to create conductivity between different parts of the enclosure.

So yes, we can totally or selectively apply a conductive copper paint. Our shielding is UL 746 certified. This means that its compatibility for application as a paint on plastic has been tested by Underwriter Laboratories and certified, a specification often requested from manufacturers of medical devices (LINK ISO 13486).

For the finishing of your customised enclosure, cover or plastic part, developed for your device, take advantage of the complete LTP offer. Our team will advise you on the choice of raw material and finish for your device in relation to its market and application environment. This service allows you to concentrate on the development of your device.
You can also order a free sample directly online to better visualise the finishing possibilities.

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