ElectroniCase: a Raspberry PI box like no other!

A Raspberry PI enclosure is a small plastic case or box that is designed to integrate a single-board ARM-based nano computer. This electronic component is no larger than a credit card. It was designed by a team of scientists from the computer science department at Cambridge University between 2006 and 2011. The UK Raspberry PI Foundation released the first Raspberry PI models in 2012 and 2013.

The aim of the researchers was to democratise access to computers and thus encourage the manufacture of all types of digital or connected objects (IoT). A Raspberry PI is supplied “bare” without any casing. It is only a motherboard, without any power cables, a computer mouse, a keyboard or a screen. It sells for between €5 – €35, depending on the model.

At LTP, we have developed, in the ELECTRONICASE range, models that allow you to order a Raspberry PI enclosure directly with your custom dimensions and cut outs! Upon receipt you can directly mount your Raspberry PI nano computer.

So configure your Electronicase model now. Configure a pre-designed model to mount à Raspberry PI 0,2,3 or 4 motherboard.

The applications developed with a Raspberry PI are now very diverse and varied. They can be found in robotics or home automation projects, connected objects (IoT), control systems and vocal or facial recognition. However, all applications require appropriate protection of the electronic components.

This protection can be a simple plastic case standardised as a Raspberry PI case, i.e. with openings adapted to the Pi Zero, Pi 2, Pi3 or Pi4 models.

The protection can also meet an IP protection requirement (link to IP standards page). The IP standard defines the level of protection against dust or water splashes…

At LTP, we also provide colour customisation of your case in our paint shop and marking by digital printing.

There are suppliers, who offer standard off the shelf Raspberry PI case, designed for the different models:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH box
  • Raspberry Pi 2 box
  • Raspberry Pi 3 box
  • Raspberry Pi 4 box

In the LTP – ElectroniCase Raspberry PI box range, you can specify the model of the nano-computer you wish to integrate into your application and any additional specification or feature, you need. The value adds of choosing a pre-designed model to configure, is the fact, that you have all the basic standard features for your motherboard, and in addition customised options.

Depending on the Raspberry PI model, it is mainly the processor, connectivity and ports that change. Therefore, the Raspberry PI case’s choice depends on the ports’ positioning.

Here is the list of ports, according to the Raspberry France website:

  • One Ethernet port (Gigabit 300 Mbps)
  • One HDMI port
  • A micro-USB connector (for power)
  • An SD card reader
  • 4 USB ports
  • 1 connector for PoE HAT expansion board

At LTP, we only manufacture bespoke plastic boxes that are fully customised to our customers’ needs. For projects that use a Raspberry PI nano-computer, we can offer you models from our ElectroniCase range.

ElectroniCase is a range of pre-designed and cost-effective plastic boxes. Whichever model you choose, our design engineers will add the ports and adapt the size, depending on the electronics to be integrated and make a custom Raspberry PI Case.

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