Design of a cover for a portable container


Thanks to our innovative technology, Sheet Plastic Bending, we can design custom enclosures for our clients. No matter what their needs are, we support them from the beginning to the end of their projects. This allows us to present them with a solution that meets their expectations of quality and of French manufacturing.

Since the start of our activity, we have worked with clients from various backgrounds, including the health and beauty industry, and services sectors based in different countries. One of them, for example, is located in Spain, in Alcorcón near Madrid. Expert in caravans, motorhomes, and mobile homes, it offers its customers a complete range of services:

  • the sale of new or used vehicles, and of various equipment;
  • vehicle customisation;
  • repair and maintenance;
  • a parking area 12 km from Madrid, accessible all year round.

It also introduces its clients to the latest innovations in the caravan sector and develops its own products to improve the comfort of motorhomes, mobile homes, and caravans. Thus, for a new project, a portable container, this company was looking for a plastic cover. Due to its requirements, budget, and the quantity to produce, it could not invest in a mould. Therefore, it chose La Tôlerie Plastique, since our process allows us to manufacture covers without a mould, and in small series, as required.

A custom-made plastic cover with beautiful finishings

When this Spanish company, an expert in motorhomes, caravans, and mobile homes, approached our team, its project was already fully defined. It involved designing a portable container, which would be installed in a motorhome. It just lacked the ideal solution for its industrialization. Needing to produce in small series, custom-made, and within a limited budget, it could not invest in a mould. So it looked for a less expensive solution, better suited to its expectations, and ultimately opted for mould-free plastic processing which is our expertise.

Thus it presented its project to our team, explaining its requirements.  After we studied it internally to determine if we could adapt it to our technology, our design office made a proposal: a custom-made plastic cover. It is a cover that is used to protect, embellish, or cover equipment (electronic and/or mechanical). Our customer liked this solution and the cover was validated and we started production in our factory near Le Havre, in Octeville-sur-Mer.

The specifics of this project entrusted to LTP

The project of our client – a portable container – was well advanced when we intervened. Consequently, its requirements were precise. In particular, it needed:

  • a custom plastic product because a standard model did not suit its project;
  • a production in small series, without mould, and in line with its budget;
  • a durable cover with beautiful finishes, destined to be mounted on the WC of a motorhome.

Our process could meet all these criteria. We proposed a custom-made plastic cover, perfectly suited to its needs. We worked on a simple design, took care of the finishes, and took into consideration the use of this cover (on the WC of a motorhome) thereby providing a resistant cover, of the right dimensions, which we delivered within the required time.