BOITIER PLASTIQUE SUR MESURE IP65 pour pack batterie et station de recharge.

Custom Plastic Enclosures without Tooling Costs: Perfect Protection for Electronics for Battery Packs and Chargers with IP65 Certification

IP65 plastic enclosure for battery pack or charging station. No Mould Technoloy
custom designed enclosure for battery pack or charging station

In the world of electronic development, protecting electronic components and devices is of paramount importance, especially in environments with high humidity and significant dust. A reliable enclosure providing a high level of protection is essential to ensure the proper functioning and durability of electronics for battery packs and chargers.

Custom Design Example: LTP Enclosure Project Number DT22040030

This project impressively demonstrates the advantages of LTP plastic enclosures for battery packs, chargers, or docking stations with IP65 protection. It consists of 12 individual pieces made from high-quality ABS material with a thickness of 3 + 4 mm.

Fixing Elements for Electronics:

  • Spacers with brass inserts
  • Seal cord to achieve IP65 protection class

Benefits of the LTP Enclosure Project:

  • Robust Construction: The ABS material ensures a solid and resistant structure.
  • Secure Fixation: The use of brass inserts in the spacers ensures a secure fixation of electronic components.
  • IP65 Protection: The seal cord provides high protection against moisture and dust.
  • Cost Savings: The enclosure is manufactured without tooling costs, representing a cost-effective solution for the customer.

The LTP enclosure project DT22040030 is a remarkable example of custom plastic enclosures offering a cost-effective solution for electronic applications requiring high protection. Thanks to LTP’s innovative approach, customers can obtain high-quality and reliable products without the need for expensive tools or molds.

LTP, Your Partner for Custom Cases, Covers, and Plastic Parts with Precise and Durable Marking

For technicians and engineers looking to make their electronic device a commercial success, the process of sheet plastic bending offers a perfect solution between 3D printing and injection moulding. As a developer and manufacturer, we offer you clear values:

  • Flexibility for all changes without limitations,
  • Without significant initial investments,
  • Without specific tooling and tailored to your technical requirements,
  • 100% customized for your target audience and application.

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